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Hoku Alakaʻi

This year’s Spikes for Tykes will benefit Hoku Alakaʻi, a new Non-Profit Organization that will help to provide/connect free educational services to keiki (children) with cancer, survivors, and with serious or chronic medical conditions who are unable to regularly attend school. Maintaining quality of life for these keiki means enabling them to access their education while they are at home or in the hospital. This is critical to their future. Help us inspire them, and they will inspire you.

The organization’s name Hoku Alakaʻi is derived from a few of the powerful, insightful, and motivational Kaonas (hidden meanings) that are rooted in the history of Hawaiʻi. The organization aims to be the guiding star to the keiki in need of direction during a trying time. They also aspire to be a guiding light, a luminescent energy for their hopes, dreams, and ambitions.